Dog Training

Dog training is the foundation of building a strong bond between humans and canines and will enable the dogs to live a happy and balanced life. We offer a tailor made training program in the client’s home, a great option for busy individuals who cannot attend training classes, or for dogs with specific behaviour issues or unvaccinated puppies who cannot go to puppy classes. Our training programs are fun and can include the whole family. We get to demonstrate each exercise followed by the client practicing while we provide feedback and support.

  • Some of the topics/exercises we cover include:
  • Basic foundation exercises – Sit, Down, Stand, Stay, Wait, Leave it, Name recognition
  • Recall – Coming when called
  • Loose leash walking
  • House Training
  • Crate Training
  • Muzzle Training
  • Home alone training
  • Resource guarding & Prevention
  • Polite greetings – not jumping up
  • Management of multi dog households
  • Puppy training
  • Handling exercises to help in stressful situations such as vet visits and grooming
  • Tricks training
  • Progression exercises and adding distractions

After each training session you will receive handouts on topics covered, access to relevant training videos and simple exercises to follow daily to enable you to progress the training of your dogs. We also work closely with other industry professionals such as fully qualified Canine Behaviourists and we would be glad to refer clients to them should the need arise. To enable us to provide you with a tailor made program that meets your requirements please complete the online training booking form.

 Training Rates
One hour sessions POA
Half an hour and follow up sessions POA

Discounts are available for multiple sessions. Please contact us for prices.

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